With over 20 years experience in the industry, Danielle derives just as much pleasure in working on a feature film as she does in making your special day perfect.

Danielle has an impressive CV, having worked as hair and makeup artist for many major feature films including The Great Gatsby, Wolverine and Wolf Creek. She has been a makeup artist on the junket tours of many Hollywood films including Inglorious Basterds, Little Women, Skyfall, Brave Heart and Mamma Mia. Throughout her career she has made up a plethora of Hollywood stars including two Bond Girls – Caterina Murino (Casino Royal) and Berenice Marhole (Skyfall) as well as James Cameron, Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan and Jack Black – just to name a few.

Guy Pierce, Mel Gibson, Vigo Mortensen, Channing Tatum, Gillian Anderson and Jonah Hill. She has also worked on music videos, commericals and many of Australia’s favourite television shows including All Saints, White Collar Blue and currently ABC’s The Checkout.

Danielle has an impeccable work ethic and a wealth of experience ranging from special effects, to editorial, to the perfect wedding day. Her exceptional portfolio gives her an unmatched ability to meet any brief – from interpretation to execution.